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Bank simulator: Honest Bank LTD

Bank Simulator gives the player a unique insight in the way banks operate. Banks are very boring places. Thus, do not expect to be entertained regarding graphics. This is a Text based game and even worst, it is based on the accounting equation. E=A-L.

This game will show the accounting entries behind the different actions. The dynamics of the game is modeled on a Report released by the Bank of England (Money Creation in Modern Economy-Google it). 
This is the first version of the game.

This Simulation will show how banks “Print” money when they give out “loans”. 

Here is a list of things that can be done in the game:
•    Give out loans
•    Central Bank: Transfers of Reserves and Currency.
•    Interbank Transfers (Automatic-No User input)
•    Write of Loans/Loans Default
•    Bail Out
•    Bail in (Google it)
•    Dividends
•    Buy/Sell Government Bonds (Unknown Maturity, Paying Repo Rate)
•    Loan/Deposit Spread, Credit Card Spread. (Unlock new types of “loans”)
•    Upgrade Building
•    Set fees
•    Forecasting (But this is like taking a shot at a bottle while riding a pig-i.e take it with a grain of salt, since transfers happen before then)

A bank will calculate interest at the end of every day and transfers will also happen at the end of every day. Instead of going day-by-day, I set it up on a month time basis. For this reason, I did the order of calculations in the following way.
“Loans”->Expenses->Transfers->Defaults->Interest Calculations->Final Balance Sheet.
I will update and release another version when I can.
Hope this is an educational experience. 

Please let me know what you think. 

Note: Law of Large Numbers:
Loan repayments are calculated as a % of outstanding loans
Transfers are calculated as a % of deposits.
A division by zero will result if there are not enough deposits to make loan repayments.( i.e. zero Deposits to pay loans)
Make sure there are enough deposits on hand, by extending more “loans” to prevent the division by zero in the first place.

Note: Try to Maintain a Reserve Ratio of between 15% and 20% even though the Reserve Ratio is currently at 10%. 

Credit Extended: Need to Remember


"Loans"/Credit are extended for both productive and profitable purposes.

Credit extended for asset purchases will result in build up of of debt and debt deflation.

"Credit" extended for Consumption "Credit Cards" will lead to inflation, since there is no change in the underlying goods and services produced.


Unearned Income will result in an unequal distribution of wealth.



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